A classical form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates encouraging the development of strength, flexibility, and coordination. Pilates promotes circulation, good posture, and the reduction of back pain while increasing overall muscular tone and strength.

Beginner Pilates

This class is for new exercisers (or those that need a review!) of Pilates. We will learn the basic Pilates Principles and modifications of exercises. Perfect class for anyone with low back pain! $20 per session.

Pilates Workout

This class is taught at the intermediate level. Participants should feel comfortable with the basic Pilates Principles and should have experience with a Pilates mat class.

Advanced Pilates Workout

This class builds on the Workout class. Participants should have one year Pilates mat experience and be familiar with modifications

Pilates plus Muscle Conditioning

Traditional Pilates mat class integrating muscle conditioning using weights, stability balls, balance props, plyometric and static exercises.

Private Beginner Pilates Sessions

These private sessions are designed to give participants one-on-one instruction to learn the basic Pilates Principles and modifications to then be able to integrate into a workout class. Max of four sessions.

" We joined Robin's class because we love to run! As runners, we knew the importance of strengthening our core to prevent injury to our backs, especially. After almost a year of Pilates, we are definitely stronger and more confident in our running. The focus on our core muscles as part of our overall health has also led us to try new activities that we may not have before - like surfing! "

Dan and Erin

Upcoming Classes


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